WMC International PVT Ltd, with a specialized division, Steel Building Products, undertakes several of our core productions. Steel building products include Roofing, Cladding and Rain Water Accessories. We also produce C and Z purlin, an eco friendly and economical replacement to conventional timber application in construction and Steel Decking, specially developed for the construction industry and is one of the most economical structural decking. We are well known for our aesthetically pleasing and cost effective roofing option that suits your any diversified requirement. These economical solutions, combining with unique versatile roofing sheet range are appropriate for both new and re-roofing applications spread across commercial, industrial and even in hosing. Our roofing options have been able to offer superior energy efficiency with an attractive appearance, while emphasizing on building performance, environmental stewardship and the budget. You can find the best solution for your requirement from our product range consisting of a multiple profiles and easy integration capabilities. WMC offers building cladding with a very desirable appearance in its applications. In addition to the beauty, its protective barrier provides longevity that allows the cladding to protect the building exteriors for years to come. The ability to transform into different shapes allows it to be used for a wide range of unique architectural requirements. Our range of economically feasible wall cladding options helps to overcome most of the obstacles in modern building design and construction. Manufactured from high quality galvanized steel and black iron, WMC supplies a complete range of structural C & Z purlin suitable for a number of applications. Our purlin in C & Z sections are accurately roll formed from high strength zinc coated steel to provide efficient and economical roofing, cladding and wall support systems for framed structures. Our products are supplied plain or punched, manufactured from high tensile steel for increased strength, reduced weight and long serviceable life. WMC is capable of supplying extensive purlin lengths with several weight and thickness combinations. Our structural decking system is an innovative high strength Zinc coated steel decking system design for use, in the construction of composite floor slabs. It is specially developed for the construction industry and is one of the most economical structural decking in the country. Our innovative ‘W’ profile structural decking system. It brings great economical and design solutions and excellent spanning capacities that ensure greater strength and less defection. WMC is one of the largest hot roller structural steel international supplier with stocks of Shapes, Sizes, Lengths and Grades including Steel Angles, Steel Channels, Steel Beams, Steel Flats, Steel Squares, Steel Rounds, Steel Tubes, Steel Pipe, Steel Sheet, Steel Plate, Steel Diamond Plate, Steel Expanded, Steel Perforated Sheet, Steel Grip Strut, Steel Grating, Steel Wire Mesh, Steel Rebar, and Galvanized Steel.